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Fritton Lake Traithlon Sprint - 1st Tri any expierience?

Hi all,

Just entered my first tri at Fritton Lake in the Sprint event at the end of May. Kind of went in blind knowing I needed a goal for my training. Has anyone been a part of this event? Is it a good one for a beginer? I guess I'll find out in May but I would like a heads up before!!

Also, is it worth getting Aero Bars for my bike. On the turbo last night I rode in the Aero postion for a while, seemed like a position that would be hard to master/adapt to, my HR shot up keeping the same cadence/resistance? Could it be something to do with setup, as I also seem to struggle to find comfort when Im in the 'drops' also?

Thanks guys!


  • If it were me, and it has been, I wouldn't bother. It's your 1st Tri, you are going to have plenty to think about as it is.

    The most important advice you'll get is to............ enjoy it !

    Don't set yourself unrealistic targets, don't get too stressed, use it as a bench mark for the future.

    Good luck.
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    As I dont know how competitive you are, I'll answer the aerobar question slightly differently.
    I got some Profile Carbon Stryke Aero Bars for Xmas to put on my Trek 1.7.
    Even after a three week hiatus from the road due to festivities and the snow I knocked 3.5 minutes off my last 2009 40km time. Some of this will be due to the rest time, but from my perspective they were worth it.
    Initially they feel a bit unstable, but you get used to it, and my legs definitely feel fresher afterwards.
  • loved this race (bit of a disaster for me - see my thread on it!), but it is really friendly, wonderful marshalls and really suitable for everyone - can't rate it highly enough! let me know if you have any specific questions (i did the olympic)
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