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wot 2 do, bad back & bored

finished early morning session on the turbo,
came back into the house to get the kids up,
and then bang!
my old back problem knocked me to the floor.[disc L4-L5]
been on the phone to physio, usual advice rest ,anti -inflams etc.
so here i am, and i'll be watching all my winter training waste away for the next week or so


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    watch loads of old dvd's and take the opportunity to get some decent recovery. You won't lose much fitness. Perhaps speed but not fitness.

    You've still got loads of time to get a decent base under your belt. So chill and ensure you heal properly.

    I usually find the heat patches help as well.
  • loss of speed?
    i lost that 20 odd years ago when i first walked out of my athletics club & into a pub
  • Winter training?

    Darn it, knew there was something I forgot to do...

    (Best wishes for a speedy recovery!)
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