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Free Bike Fitting Evening at SBR sports Windsor


Bike fitting is the single most important element in purchasing a bike and takes all the guess work out of your measurements.

With fully trained professional staff, SBR Sports & Bonthrone Bikes can assess the best and optimum position available for the type of bike and budget. NOW is the perfect time of the year to have this done, so that you even start to ride your training bike in a similar position.

We have decided to open the Bike Fitting out to individuals and clubs on these 3 dates, to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of this great offer.

Free Bike Fitting Service For Club Members, and individuals on Thursday Evenings (normally £50.00 per fit)

Free Foot Analysis for Running Shoes

Free Drinks & Snacks

Up to 50% off Running Shoes, (Asics, Adidas, Nike & Mizuno)

Up to 50% off all cycling shoes

20% off all cycling clothing and accessories

Up to 50% off Tri Clothing (Orca, Sugoi)


February 4th 2010

February 11th 2010

February 18th 2010


The bike fitting is available for any type of bike and is available to anyone that is looking at either purchasing a new bike or an upgrade. We will not be able to assess peoples position on there bikes during the evening, so we would encourage you to come back and book in a specific time to go through positions and recommendations.

If you are intending to attend one of these evenings, we ask that you notify one of our staff via email @ [email protected] to let them know a preferred time and date and we will ensure that someone is available. If there a particular expert that you wish to see, please also let us know on the email.

We would encourage anyone to look at using this service, as this is a one off opportunity. Bike fitting normally costs circa £50 and is an excellent tool that be used time and time again to refine your riding position.


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Free bike fitting..... got to be worth a shot for those that haven't had it done.
  • I may show my ignorance now, but how do you do a bike fitting if you can't take your bike along?
  • We take your body measurements, and then we put them in to our computer programme. This gives an ideal frame size and position. If you bring your bike along at a later date we can set it up according to the bike fit print out.
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