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Will 10 push 9?

In the process of training for first tri and want to change flat bars on my commuter for drop bars (in advance of the obvious full carbon effort that will be my reward pre race day for that extra boost) and have found half price 105 2/3 & 10 speed shifters on Planet x. Bike is currently Tigra front triple with 9 speed rear. Will I be able to index 105 10 speed to suit 9 speed casette?

Alternative is 9 speed tiagra from chain reaction cycles but these are obviously shitter and cost £10 more.

Any help much appreciated.


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  • risris Posts: 1,002
    gut feeling says no, because the indexing for 10 makes use of the closer spaced 10spd cassette, which won't line up with the wider spacing on the 9.

    i've been wrong before though, so if someone says otherwise then it might be a go-er.
  • no
  • Fairly difinitive there.

    Worryingly I understand your advice as buy the 105 and treat your self to a new wheel, casette & derailier so that it works properly.

    Suppose it's eBay or the tiagra for me.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i nearly posted that in my answer... buy the levers and you are only a cassette and rear mech from a working 10spd
  • If your commuter is a flat bar hybrid, then putting drops on it could make it a pig, geometry will be all over the place. Why not just put aero bars on it?
  • Or buy then new bike now or race on your current machine.

    I'd steer clear of sticking drops on it.
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