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Ballbuster Duathlon Spring

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has done the Ballbuster Duathlon previously as Im looking for some tips for T1, cant tell from what I have read whether the ground is covered (matting) or if you have to run along road, grass etc before getting on the bike.
Im trying to work out if I need to wear my bike shoes before existing T1 or if I can leave them clipped in.
I know it sounds trivial but I would prefer to know before getting down there.

Thanks in advance.


  • Transition is on a large grassy area at the top of boxhill .

    There is no matting - although people did mention it in November so they might have some down but I doubt it.

    Once your bike is racked you will have 20m until you can mount and ride off. Once off the grass you have to hobble over a bit of car park so I'd wear the shoes.

    Quick tip, when the gun goes off for the start remember there is a narrowing between a tree and a gate post to exit transition at begining of the race so aim right of the tree- you are far less likely to get held up.

    Best if luck - it's gonna be painful ;(
  • Thanks for the info.

    Will aim for the right at the start and shoes on out of transition.
    Im prepared for a week of pain anything less is a bonus

    Did you do it on a TT bike or Bike? Was planning on using my road bike as I think its probably to hilly/technical for using a TT.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Ben watched me do it in November last year so he didnt do it.....

    Hes right about T1 tho, wear shoes it does get very boggy though if wet.
    TT bike will be fine...its not that hilly/technical. I used my road bike last year, which was my 1st ballbuster, but next time i do it this November ill use my TT.

    For the 1st 4 miles its mostly flat/slightly undulating so you can really nail it. the only uphill bit is boxhill itself so just take your time going up there, fast feet.

    on the bike just be careful of leaves on the road on the corners.

    its a very good race, although you will only be able to race the ballbuster the 2nd time you compete. You will always have the 2nd 8 mile run on your mind throughout the 1st run and bike so ull try pace it...but once you complete it then you realise that you dont really need to pace it as slow as you did do....

    Well thats what I thought anyway......

    Try and beat my time of 3hrs 7mins....
  • Hussler was so bloody fast I missed him coming past me TWICE on the bike and exiting transition for the second run.

    There are some seriously fast guys racing but it's well attended and the support on the hill is pretty good.

    I think Hussler was chuffed cos I took him to a bike shop near box hill and he brought a piece of Assos kit. I'm sure that's what made him faster.

  • Oh and road bike or TT - nah - motorbike is the way to go.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Yeh must have been the assos toe covers!!! oh and the re-cycling arm warmers I borrowed off you to dude!! Same again in November for me....cant wait!
  • Thanks everone for your advice and I totally agees with not racing the first time, will always worry about blowing up before the last run.
    And HUSSLER as for beating you time of 3.07 "No it ain't happening"!!!!!

    Next year I will though
  • Steve - Take a look at this video - this shows transition perfectly.

    Best of luck

  • Thanks for the video link, it gives me a good idea what to expect other than the obvious pain.

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