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Sprint Tri in April?

Anyone know of any Sprint Tri's happening in April? Ideally not too far from East Midlands area!

My plan is to try and do one a month. I'm booked for March and come payday I'm booking into one for May but no joy for April yet




  • Duston sprint is in April and the East Mids..
    http://www.justracinguk.com/event/clone ... ool-sprint

    This may also be useful
  • I'll be at Duston for my first ever tri so hopefully it'll be a good one.
  • I did Duston last year and it was my first triathlon. Well organised event...hope you enjoy it.
  • Ditto, I've entered Duston this year as my first Tri.

    Went along to watch last year, appeared to be well organised with a good atmosphere. Not sure I'll be feeling the same way this year as I (hopefully) stagger over the finish line.
  • Good stuff SW. I have to say that I'm really looking forward to it.

    Is it a good effort for spectators then? If it's a good one I'll try to get my wife along to watch. If not I'll save that for a race later in the season.
  • Get your wife alog to watch your very first Tri. You'll only make the fist timer mistakes once, so you might as well let her enjoy them
  • Hi GR, as TRIumphants says get your wife along, from last year the pool has a viewing area and the transition area was also easily viewed. I am assuming they will use the same set up this year.

    All the best!
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    I'm also entered in this !!!
    Just a bit of advice for any newbies entered in this race .

    Do some hill training on the bike , as there is about 5 decent hills ,nothing major but be prepared !!!
  • Thanks for the advice bullet, perhaps undertaking my first tri on a mountain bike will not be to bad!!
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