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Planet X bikes?

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of these bikes? I've had a look at the SL Pro Carbon Ultegra Sl and the SL Pro Comp but to be honest I know nowt about bikes other than I think I need a smaller frame than the one I have.....and...carbon looks sexy I'll be using it for everything from heading to work, to tri's and long rides.


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    they are a manufacturer with a strong reputation and plenty of people on these and other forums have them and totally love them (i think willtri has the tri-frame, and toph has a road frame similar to the ones you are looking at). if you go to any race you'll see a few in various guises, i saw a brilliant tt one last year in black with pink highlights.

    personally, i'm not convinced by them, but then i'm a snobby mean-spirited git.
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