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Goals for 2010

As the title says, what are your goals for 2010? Thought it might be good for people to get them out there so to speak . Always makes it a bit more real I find and more likely to happen.

Is this your first season in triathlon? Have you signed up for any yet? Are you making the move up a distance? Or are you concentrating on getting faster? Are you hoping to beat last years time? Or are just in this for the hell of it?

Okay I'll go first... My goals this year are

Complete a half iron distance (Swashbuckler) in any time
Complete an iron distance (Big Woody) in any time.
Beat my friends again at London Sprint and go sub 1hr 20 (yikes!)
Windsor OD, just because I love the event!

So come on guys and gals... What goals you got?


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    I'm going to keep mine more general which is linked to coached etc:

    1. I want to improve on my front crawl. Feeling better about it now than last year. Hope this will shave a few mins of my current best time for 1500m OW at 28mins ish
    2. Improve on hils on the bike. I am not as fast and powerful on the bike as I would like. I can easily hammer out 20mph+ on the flats/ slight inclines but I need to improve on the hills.
    3. Increase in stamina on the run. I can run 10k+ but not brilliantly.

    My biggest aim is to do a sub 13hrs IMUK finish but I've love a closer to 12hrs finish. I know this is a tall order but I'm ready for the training that I've got in front of me.

    I want to return to Strathclyde and do the OD there, I had a shocker last year so I want to see what I can really do there as well.

    I'm generally going to stay away from sprints this year as I don't think they will do me much good if I'm going long. So I need to focus on pace and staying the distance. Can't bloody wait.
  • I only have one main goal for 2010, and that's to get across the finish line at IM UK, all my training and efforts are being focused on achieving that. As it's only my second year at Tri, and my first attempt at IM distance, I don;t think the time really bothers me ( ), it's just the finishing, sub 12:30 would be bloody marvelous, sub 14:00 fantastic, but finishing would hit the target.

    Other sub-goals are:
    - complete my two 5km swimathins in under 2:00, front crawl all the way
    - finish the four 100+ mile Sportives
    - complete IM UK 70.3 (my B race)
    - beat 2009's time at The Little Woody, or better still, have a go at and finish The Big Woody
    - set a new PB at ParkRun

    Keep my job, keep the bailiffs from the door, train effectively, recover well, and stay injury free.

    Seems pretty easy now I've committed it to t'internet
  • Well, for my second season at Tri i am hoping for the following.

    1. Complete first Half Iron Distance event (New Forest Middle) in under 6Hrs 30min.
    2. Get a Gold Medal time for the Dartmoor Classic 100KM Sportive.
    3. Beat my times for Mylor Sprint, Bodmin Sprint.
    4. Fit in an OD race in August.
    5. Open water swim train at least once per week, between April & October.
    6. Keep up the Turbo Training all season.
    7. Up my running milage.

    I think that should keep me busy!!!!!

  • Nothing entered yet but I do have training goals that I'm focussing on, taking part in events isn't at the top of my list of priorities due to finances but will see how things pan out.


    Run - target 10k in under 40mins (current offroad 10k PB of 52mins with no specific training) and 5k in under 18mins

    Swim - to be knocking out swim sessions effortlessly, with most emphasis on getting technique spot on rather than time goals

    Bike - I guess just to spend more time in the saddle of a road bike, good on a bike already so not much work required here

    Generally, just to maintain weight and work on making core exercises part of my workouts
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I hadn’t thought about any specific goals for this year until I read this thread, but here goes:
    Finish my first OD, in under 2h30 (I may end up regretting this goal, as it’s the Yorkshireman. On the other hand, we may be swimming with the current…)
    Run the Lincoln 10k in under 38 minutes.
    Finish top 5 in my age group in the Woodhall spa and Southwell sprint tris.
    Support my sister in law at IMUK
    Have fun!
  • I've got lots of running goals, as that's my main sport. I want to go sub 4hr for the marathon having missed it by 5secs last year. Also hoping for half and 10km pbs (sub 1.48 and sub 49). I'm a newbie to the tri world having only done one short novice event last year. I'm doing a few novice events this year, which are a bit longer and a super sprint. Might even try a sprint before the end of the season depending on how my swimming speed and cycling are going. I am also doing a novice duathlon and the Great North Swim (1mile) in lake windermere. Want to beat my time from last year. Looking at that list it's going to be a busy summer!
  • This is my first year this year so my goals are simple.

    1-Complete Arundel tri in may I've entered.
    2-Get the balls to take swimming lessons( I need them)
    3-Hever Tri oly
    4 10k sub 45min (PB 46:45)
    5- STOP buying everthing Tri related (although I'm certain I need a Colnago Primavera-right??)
  • dancox_uk wrote:
    5- STOP buying everthing Tri related
    There's no need for language like that on this forum
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I'll do a couple tris this year, but mainly want to have a great running year:

    1. Sub 40 10k in August.
    2. Sub 1:30 for a half mary.
    3. 3:15 for a full.
    99. Sub 60 minute 40k TT.
  • This is my first season in Tri and my goals for the year are:

    1. Complete the Paris marathon in sub-3:45
    2. Complete the Swimathon a week later in sub-2:15
    3. Complete my first ever Sprint Tri in June (QE2 Sprint triathlon)

    ...and closer to halfway through the year I'll regroup and plan the rest. Possibly attempting an Olympic distance in Septemer.
  • 1. Complete Ironman Switzerland (preferably with a smile in) the best time I possibly can.
    2. Destroy my Little Woody time from last year (shouldn't be too hard)

    That is all.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Goals Goals Goals. What would life be without them?

    Complete the bath half |Marathon in under 1.45
    Complete a sprint in under 1.15
    A few odd cross country/adventure runs.

    And what ever life throughs my way!!!
  • Here goes:

    - consider trying for under 4 hours at Brighton marathon if I can do it without pushing it too hard and jeopardising my other goal (couple of minutes off)
    but mainly I'm with JellyBaby on this one
    - complete and enjoy IM Switzerland (and be alive at the end - less worried about the time!) Hurrah!

    Happy 2010 everyone!
  • Well....

    This is my 1st year at triathlons, so in addition to losing the belly -

    Enter at least 1 Sprint Tri a month from March (East Leake tri, and Emergency Service Tri already signed up!)
    Enter the Hathersage Hilly as well as The Helvellyn Tri.
    If all goes well then maybe step up distance to enter an Olympic distance tri towards the end of the season?
    Get myself ready to try a 70.3 next year!
    Avoid injuries!!!

    oh...and apparently get married in July?
  • complete 1st ever half marathon March

    not fall into the sea doing 10k Pembrokeshire trail run March

    beat 1:38 time from last years Cardiff Tr a tri May

    do first OD at Wetherby May

    70.3 Antwerp July - complete and eat as much chocolate as womanly possible afterwards
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Not get injured
    Get some systematic training in
    Have fun!

    This means a slightly less aggressive race schedule, focus on short events, focus on cycling/swimming.

    I have a few progression objectives which will determine which way the season goes - a weekend swim workship in just over a week, a TTT in March, a sprint in April.

    My goals are just health and fitness for this year (after last year being wiped out with injury and operations).
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Stay injury free
    UK Ironman 70.3 (Under 6:30)
    UK Ironman (to finish main goal - under 13 hrs preferable )

    Not get Shot by the Misses for spending too much on Tri
  • After one sprint race last year my targets are:

    1. Beat my last sprint time of 1:20
    2. Complete an olympic distance race in September

    Ideally I'd like to do the Olympic in under 3 hours but to be honest I just wanna complete it!

    Oh......and buy a really nice TT bike but that's down to my bank manager
  • As a bit of a novice it's all about completion.

    First sprint in duston in Apr
    An Olympic, probably the Dambuster

    And then finish off with a sub 1h45 in the Bristol 1/2 marathon. I got 1h50 last year so I reckon the triathlon lark will take off another 5 mins!
  • Sentrumsløpet 10k in Olso - PB of under 45 Mins.
    London Olympic Distance - First triathlon so goal is just to finish!
    Oslo Sprint Distance - Week after London so again goal just to finish.
    New York Marathon - PB of under 4 hours.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    finish at Austria 70.3

    really learn how to write my OWN training schedule.

  • Finish 2 OD races strongly with some left in the tank

    go faster in my local sprint than last year then cycle home afterwards.

    Complete my middle distance for TEAM LAWS without dying.

    Enter two 70.3's for 2011( and take my family skiing)

    finish ballbuster in November
  • My only formal goal for this year is to set a new PB for half marathon.

    The only fly in the ointment is that my current PB was set during one of my few sober moments in the 80s when I got round 13 mile in Bodo (Norway) in just over 96 minutes. 23 years of smoking, drinking and generally abusing my body don't make it an easy goal but I'm scarily closer to running the right sort of times in training than I thought I would be or have any right to be.
  • My only formal goal for this year is to set a new PB for half marathon.

    The only fly in the ointment is that my current PB was set during one of my few sober moments in the 80s when I got round 13 mile in Bodo (Norway) in just over 96 minutes. 23 years of smoking, drinking and generally abusing my body don't make it an easy goal but I'm scarily closer to running the right sort of times in training than I thought I would be or have any right to be.
  • Sub 5 at Swashbuckler
    Sub 11 at IMCH
    mmm, simple..!
  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58
    1) Keep Training properly. Don't let the weather or laziness put me off.
    2) Start eating a bit more sensibly. Less biscuits!
    3) Finish my first sprint in under 2 hours
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    1) complete 2 oly 's
    2) finish 1st half marathon in under 2 hours
    3) beat 1hr 20min for a sprint tri
    4) train well and stay fit
  • Got the year off to a good start goals wise at the weekend by taking about 3 mins off my 10mile PB. yay. Now I have to keep up the good running and get working on my rubbish cycling and swimming!
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I have a few goals this year:

    1) Blackpool Marathon: Ideally go sub 3 hours....but id be happy with sub 3:15 - training not being geared towards marathon.... this will be my first.

    2) Complete Dambuster Standard in sub 2:05

    3) Finish top 40 Overall at the World Long Course Champs in Baveria

    4) Finish top 10 AG at the World Long Course

    Goals for 2011 are:

    Sub 10 hour IM
    Qualify for Kona

    Generally Work towards turning pro
  • SuzieDSuzieD Posts: 12
    I'm currently thinking....

    1. Uckfield super spring
    2. Steyning Spring (must do better than last year!)

    Get used to Christmas present... Cervelo S1 bike......
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