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Spinning bike or turbo??

Ive had a look around and i could get a schwinn spinning bike for pretty much the same price as a turbo. has anyone else opted for a spin bike rather than a turbo? i am put off from a turbo because i cant be bothered to set it up everytime i wanna use it and the wear on my types (only have the one bike). any advice?


  • I would recommend getting the turbo, simpley because it gets you used to your bike, makes gear changing a bit more intuitive. Also your body will be getting more andmore used to the aero position etc.
    I bought a Tacx turbo andit litterally takes 5 mins to set up. You couldeven leave the turboskewer in. Plus when not in use it folds flat.

    I wondered about tyres as I had Schwables that were very thin summer race tyres and were showingsigns ofwear. Answer I found was Continental Gatorskins, They still look brand new- very durable.

    Go for the turbo.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I'd go for the turbo - and if you can get a cheapo back wheel and cassette then put a turbo tyre on it, then all you need to do is swap the back wheel out. As space doesn't seem to be an issue (a spin bike will take more space than a turbo - you could even leave the turbo set up and the wheel on it. It's what i have done - and it is very easy once you get used to taking the wheel off and on all the time - which is good practise anyway.
  • another vote for the turbo,
    only been on a spinner twice and bloody hated it,
    far better to get used to your racing position on your own bike.
  • +1 for Turbo. I hated mine to begin with, but I'm also a big fan of spinning. However, turbo is riding my bike in my position using proper gears, spin bike is completely differnt geometry, and feels different. Spinning is a good CV workout, but I'm not too sure how that translate to cycling fitness, depends on session structure etc, whereas the turbo seems to translate alsmot directly.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Also..spin bike is heavy & always guaranteed to be in the way...where will it live in the summer ?(assuming we get one), wheras a turbo folds up, your bike is your bike & lives where it lives..this from someone who is very unlikely ever to get one..
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    I've recently used a few spin bikes in hotels and was pleasently surprised how good they were.

    Obviously a turbo allows you to ride and get used to your own bike and would be the no1 choice of most.

    But just a different 'spin' on this...

    Think about who will use it though in your family - if its just you - turbo - but if others might (my wife likes a bit of cycling but wouldn't use the turbo but she would use a spin bike.) you may get more 'value' from a spin bike.
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