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Sprint Splits - On average

Hi Guys,

My first tri is mainly about having fun, completing and getting to know the sport. However, I feel that my training is going pretty well so was thinking of competing against myself time wise. Was wondering what on average peoples first tri splits were in a Sprint? Just something to base a target time on!

Cheers once again!


  • My first ever Triathlon was in April 2009, having started training for it less than three months earlier in February. Previously I had MTB'd and surfed, so was OK'ish swimming and cycling. However, I had never run since leaving school 25 years previous:

    My times were:
    Swim 08:20 (400m pool based, 20 m pool)
    Bike 58:31 (25.14 km)
    Run 25:59 (5 km)
    Total 1:32:50 (56th out of 88)

    1st place came in at 1:05:29

    Not properly kitted out, as I didn;t have a Tri suit, so changed into cycling top at T1, which is easier said than done in wet skin. Socks on for the bike. Trainers with laces to tie.

    All kit has been upgraded as time progressed, and my times got quicker as the year progressed.
  • Should have probably mentioned its 750m OW Swim. How did you find it triumphant? And how much is the leap up to Olympic? Im planning an OD in late July
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    it is very dependent on the course and the rest of the pack, so this sort of stuff is a bit academic really.

    mine was at highworth 08, right at the end of the season.
    i think my swim was 7:50 (400)
    bike 45-ish (20km, 'undulating')
    run 30-ish (5.5km, 'undulating' on grass)

    i came something like 70 out of 160.

    same as triumphant - socks on (still do!), laces on shoes, i think i even changed my shirt in t2 so the race number was right (no race belt). i'd had my road bike about a month and had hardly done any run training at all, ever.

    i think before the race i had set an idea that i could go 7:30 on the swim, 45 on the bike and 25 on the run. that should be the best way of guaging success at first - with any luck you'll know what you are capable of and work to that.
  • The Tri is in Norfolk in a Lake. From MapMyRide both the run and bike look v.flat so I imagine this is going to be pretty quick. I think the time will really hang on my swim, if it goes well it will be a decent pace and wont sap too much energy from the Bike and Run. If it goes badly then I think it could really hurt me on the bike and run.

    Just trying to find what kind of a time to compete with as there was no sprint race there last year, just super sprint and OD results posted on the website.
  • Anything under 1:30, and I'm generally happy, but then I never set my targets too high. If you;ve got last years results for the OD, then you should be able to pro rata the down. Pick your target, top/middle of the table, and then half the time for swim, bike and run, and then add in T1 and T2. At least it'll give you something to aim at.

    Once you've got your target splits, it'll give you something to aim at in training. Break them down mins/100m for swim, average kph on bike, and mins/km for run, and you can monitor training paces as well then.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    My first tri was London. my splits were:
    Swim (750 OW) 16.10
    Bike (20k, flat, a couple of narrow sections) 39.26
    Run (5k) 21.44

    Plus slow transitions, I finished in 1.22.07

    Dizzy out of the water, really slow first transition, lace - up trainers... I must have enjoyed it though as I haven't looked back since!
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Pick the tri's you are thinking about and google the race.

    You'll find last years results and they'll probably give you a better indication of what is good bad and indifferent on the course you're thinking of.

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    As others have said it is tough to give an idea unless someone has done the same course, but it also depends on your level of fitness etc in each discipline. If you aren't a fast runner then you aren't a fast runner, so comparing your split with someone who is fast is not really a proper comparison. but to give an idea my first tri was Crystal Palace 750m swim (pool) in about 17 mins, about 55 mins bike (did an extra lap), run 24 mins the total was about 1'45 including transitions which were pretty slow in T1 as i fell over trying to put the bike shoes on, then spent ages trying to get the sand off my feet (transition was on astro turf with sand) before putting on socks. The next one was about 25 mins quicker 400m swim - transitions were still a bit crap but everything else was a little faster
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Pick the tri's you are thinking about and google the race.

    You'll find last years results and they'll probably give you a better indication of what is good bad and indifferent on the course you're thinking of.

    Note to self - read all of post before replying!
  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58

    My first sprint 750.20.5 is later this year. I've set my self a target of under 2 hours! (30/60/30mins) may need to bring that down a bit
  • RockieRockie Posts: 40
    My first sprint October 2008, 20:09 swim, 46:41 bike, 30:20 run. All standard distances. There were just 10 of us in the race, I came dead last with a total time of 1:41:39. Winner finished in 1:12:10.
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