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Bits and Pieces

The bike is bought (Specialized Allez Sport) and now it's time to add the extras, tri bars etc. My question is how much should I spend? Obviously the bike isn't an all singing, all dancing tri bike so it would be stupid to pay stupid amounts on upgrading bits but where should I draw the line? How much of a difference is that few extra grams going to make?

I don't want to buy something that I feel I will need to replace quickly but then the price does need to be in keeping with the bike. Or am I wrong? Would upgrades and extras would you recommend as essentials?


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    How much have you got to spend and when if ever would you realistically be able to buy a TT bike?

    You could spend £500+ on aero carbon race wheels which would probably make the bike a fair bit quicker but you could use them on a TT bike in the future so that wouldn't be a wasted investment.

    By comparison you could spend £150+ on the lightest carbon clip on aero bars, which you would not need if you bought a TT bike.

    Unless you are at elite level I would say a few grams here and there would really not matter. You'd be far better of spending the money on a proper bike fitting.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    nice clippy pedals and shoes, and cheapy-ish clip-on tri-bars. some bottle cages and bottles.
    pnucture repair kit, spare tubes, maybe some speedier tyres.

    make sure you've allowed some cash for tri-kit.
  • Jules wrote:
    How much have you got to spend and when if ever would you realistically be able to buy a TT bike?
    I upgraded my road bike with clip on tri bars, clipless pedals, tri specific saddle, bottle cages, and bag with spares etc. Next upgrade will be wheels, when funds allow.

    I can't afford to have two bikes, but also ride Tri's and Sportives, so aero bars need to be removable.

    As to buying a TT bike, it maybe heresy, but deep down I don't think I can justify one, and don't really have any short or long terms plans for one. I just plan on being more efficient at riding what I've got.
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