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Holy Mother of God

Just got back from my 1st ride with Ewan - 2 laps of Richmond park - up the steep hill twice so anti clockwise I think.

Feck me it's hard work - averaged 14mph... poor Jelly was waiting for me at every slight hill.

This is harder than I thought.

Still the upside there are some positives.

1) I'll get bloody fit and strong lugging it about all the time.

2) Ewan loves it.... he fell asleep in it and then screamed when I stopped... kept signing "more".... so that's ok

3) It's safe for him ( need lights for the back of it )

4) It tracks very well and is smooth for Ewan

5) It's perfect for it use

6) The wheels roll nicely

7) Fully wind and waterproof - it has 2 covers one full weather proof and one mesh cover for warm days.

8) I can plaster it with TEAM LAWS and Bridgetown Logos - (just off to speak to a printing firm about that now)

9) I can turn around and see the little man whilst I am mooching along.

10) There is storage for his stuff, nappies, drinks, hat etc and space for my spares. Result.

Now the bad points

1) It's heavy - with Ewan 22.4Kg

2) You can feel the wind hitting the side of it and trying to pull you sideways.

3) It's a bitch to climb with - out of the saddle you can feel it trying to pull backwards - cos f the rigid arm it's set on, it's jerks backwards with every pedal stroke

4) ( both a good and bad point) I highlights my uneven pedal stroke, I can feel a flat spot at the top of the chain ring on then left side - the buggy jolts a tiny amount at this point.

5) It's heavy

6) I need to remember to ride further out from the kerb as it's offset to the left by 15 inches or so... basicly if I ride close to the kerb Ewan with be on the pavement or colliding with stuff. LOL

But all in all I am really pleased. I got loads of looks and a few comments fro riders in the park... all positive and it went well.

Met a bloke in a racing chair... sponsored GB athlete - ask him about flashy wheels and he has given me the name of his contact at Corima - It just so happens that the wheels I've got, Corima do carbon wheels at the same size.

He was a top bloke and was on his 8th lap!!!! using his arms FFS.

So a great morning - just waiting for the front wheel to be delivered from the USA and I'll be running with it.

Again massive thanks to Jelly for helping me. He was on time, with both wheels today.

Also he found my Wedding ring that I had lost so Uber pat on the back to him. Saved me some WAT for sure.






  • did jelly take any photos while he was waiting? good to start - you'll def have the calves of lance armstrong by the time you race!
  • You are one crazy, inspirational family! Keep going for gold, guys!
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