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TT Frame

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a decent but reasonably priced (ie. cheap) aluminium TT frame. I'm building next seasons bike up from scratch with bits and bobs I've already got and need a cheap frame to bolt it all to. I've got top wheels etc but thanks to my domestic finance minister (she just doesn't understand!) my budget has been seriously capped. I'm going to upgrade to an Argon 18 frame in 2012 (40th birthday present) but need something now. I'm considering the Ribble TT frame at about £110 or another from Triple butted cycling (an ebay shop) for £165. Has anyone got any other suggestions or know anything about these frames? Cheers


  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    I've got the ribble TT frame. purchased it online with a voucher code, added on the Deda stream forks and a can creek headset (which they fitted free) and it came in at under £200 delivered.

    i've been relly pleased with it. it's light, stiff and feels fast. used it to ride everything from local TTs, Blenheim sprint and the Vitruvian this season.

    If you check the bike porn thread theres a picture of it almost complete on there.

    hope this helps

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