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Fitting bike comp with aeros

I remember there being a post on here last year about fitting a bike computer bracket when you have aeros in the way which make it impossible to mount it with the horizontal notching anywhere on the handle bars. I want to put mine on the bar stem (ie vertically) and obviously want the computer facing me not at a 90 degree angle. What has everyone else used when they have done this? Was thinking a small square of expanded rubberised foam or thick neoprene to pad it out then cable tie on? Any better theories out there?


  • I use a Knogg computer that allows you to rotate it 90 degrees, so it'll fit either bars or stem.
  • I have a cateye wireless strada and I've mounted it to my stem. It just allows more than one way to mount the actual unit. £40 all in.
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Thanks but the computer is fine itself and I don't want to spend money on a new one when this one is perfectly good and I've managed to get it to stretch to back wheel so it will still work on the turbo which is useful. The bracket plate isn't able to rotate 90 degrees so I need a bodge it fix. I could just cable tie it on tightly as it is but think it will slip so just need something to pad out the gap and mould to the stem better...
  • I bit of old innertube should siffice. This will grip the bracket and the stem, but alow the bracket to bed into the rubber. The whole thing canthen be zip tied onto the stem.
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    oooh, innertube idea is a good one... actually my bloke has made a padding block out of a section of the heavy duty cardboard tube that my aero bars were packaged on and cut 2 semi circles out so that it fits on the stem bar. Electrical taped it all over for waterproofing and so just need to cable tie it all on.... looks like it will work ok but if not I will try the innertube idea as it will be waterproof, grippy and malleable. Cheers!
  • Hi Bex

    Good to meet you at the TCR

    I have the following mount which works perfect:


    Is this what you are thinking of?
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Cheers Scott, yes that probably is the appropriate proper bit of kit- however have fitted the bodge job and it works rather well and neat too. Will remain to be seen if it survives a few rainy days or the electrical tape goes gooey but so far so good! And free too! Nice to meet you as well- have just tagged a pic of you in the endless pool on stalkbook for your perusal...
  • Good you meet you too.

    I've commented on your FB pic RE: areo position.

    Thanks for the photo.. I must confess to really enjoying the endless pool.. but I thinkI'm going to struggle to "hide" it unlike other tri gear that can me sneaked in..
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