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220 can't count??

Anyone else got the latest issue? (253)?

Am I going crazy or does it say on the cover "25 great new products for 2011"? 25 isn't it? 25...yep def 25

So I flicked to the article first, cos I likes the new shiny stuff...and it goes up to 11... 11? what 14 short? hmm..flicked through the rest of the mag, no more shinies for 2011...checked the article again, 11, e-leven.

I want my money back, that's misleading advertising that is....


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Whaddya expect..220 is apparently....well what exactly? Theoretical Max HR..made that up too then...all downhill from there I guess. Mybe they meant 11 new bits of kit for 2025?
  • So pleased it wasn't just me. Page 105 in the Test Centre section, "extensive testing of the newest tri products", Nuun tablets get the ed's choice badge. Extensive testing now counted in years?
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