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Loving the Winter Olympics

I know its not Tri related but as a 'sportie' I am just loving the Winter Olympics and can't wait to get home each evening to see what damn foolish event they are going to come up with next......we think we're mad but these guys are just CRAZY.

Last night I enjoyed the crash fest that was the Womens Downhill - nutters

And then theres the other sports;

Luge - Well firstly it was a complete tragedy about the guy who died - terrible. But the rest just got on with the racing like true pro's. And these guys are complete nutters. Who in their right mind would hurttle down an ice chute on a tin tray for a living. You might get me down in a bobsleigh but then theres the skeleton......Ugh!

Biathlon - Not content with the hardest sport in the world, that is crosscountry skiiing, these fools decide they need the extra challenge of hitting tiny targets at 60m distance. And as punishment if they miss they get to do a 200m penalty loop. I watched it the other day and as they crossed the line, coming out of the blizzard these guy literally had NOTHING left to give - there was snot and saliva everywhere - that commitment
Come on Biatheletes though thats just 2 events!! - we do 3 as Triatheletes so maybe they shoud know some holes in a frozen lake first and make them swim across to the start of the ski?

SnowboardX - What an event, I don't think I saw all 4 people in a heat finish the race(and who can forget the commenty from the last Olympics - FREEDURMMMM)

Then theres Skiijumping, Speedskating, Short Track Speedskating and the fight that is IceHockey.

Well the Turbo is set up in front of the TV and tonight it Skeleton and Biathlon - bring on the Nutter Olympics


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Couldn't agree more, the sprint crosscountry last night was excellent.
    As for the skeleton/luge....debate time, which would you do, face down face first, face up feet first? And you have to choose, if its feet first...one man or 2 man (seems you need a brother for that one tho'.)
  • the snowboarding x thing is mad as well. hurtling down a mountain at 50mph - launching themselves off what can only be described as 40 ft ramps all the while fending off the other racers and turning banked and cambered corners.


    I'm off to the gym tonight for a swim/run - will deffo be hooking my headphones to watch the races.
  • Fox5Fox5 Posts: 21
    Amen to that. Winter Olympics are class, you didn't mention curling though!! Perplexing but strangely compelling viewing. Downhill definitely the highlight.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    When it comes to the skeleton linge I would defo he a head first competetor. Baroness blinky would say that I would be something soft to land on if I hit something head on!!!LOL

    I am loving the events just such a shame its on so late.
  • andissandiss Posts: 82
    Cross country skiing is the toughest sports after rowing. (beats swimming, running and cycling) By the way winter triathlon will be in the olympics for 2014 so start training lads so ye can beat those nutty scandinavians and east europeans:

    Winner did the following :

    6 km run (2 laps) 00:19:50
    10 km MTB (4 laps) 00:24:01
    8 km Cross Country Skiing (4 laps) 00:24:41
  • I think Mr C has a couple of athletes out there - its great to watch! Watching bobsleigh today - small fella's aren't they?
  • I haven't been captivated by much of it so far; perhaps it's because I have no real frame of reference for several of the sports, but watching twenty people do the same course within 2 secs of each others' time hasn't really piqued my interest.

    Apart from last night - the men's Ski Cross was fantastic to watch! I was literally on the edge of my feet (and I mean that - I fell off during one of the semis...) - can't wait for the women's!
  • ski cross..... the dogs.......! it has to be up ther with BMX for edge pants stuff!
  • andiss wrote:
    By the way winter triathlon will be in the olympics for 2014
    Unfortunately it was rejected so won't see it at Sochi.

    Being in Norway I can't really get away from the Winter Olympics. They're pretty crazy for it out here and the Mrs has it on all evening on the TV. Can't say that I've been too interested but have got into certain events more than others. Watching the Cross Country Sprint at the moment with the Brits struggling to keep up with the pace but it's always good to see representation!
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