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Team Laws - 4th July Cowman!

Mr C has just informed me that Team Laws will be doing its thing on 4th July at the Cowman


That is the big day, the final one - the end game!

Ben, Ewan and Mr C will be in the water 30mins before everyone else for a bit of a swim, bike and run - come along and cheer them on or enter the race and pat them on the back.


  • Yep it's true. Thank you Mrs C and thanks for Loaning me Mr C

    The Conehead, Ewan and I will be taking part ion this middle distance race.... I really hope some of you can come down or even race it with us.

    We are gonna have a few minutes head start cos simply..... I'll bloody need it.

    I am both very excited and very very nervous but this is it. No changing my mind, no bottling it, no more when and where.

    So, hopefully see some of you there.

    We'll be the ones going bloody slowly - so when you come past say Hi and shout some encouragement.

  • Ben, I would absolutely love to do this event, but that's the exact day the misses is due! Bugger!
  • Ben, if we enter this race to support you, do you know if we get the 30 minutes headstart to swim with you, and are the drafting rules ignored so we can cycle with you?
  • gonna be fantastic....keep up the inspiring posts...
    cheers Ade
  • Yea it's a real shame but as Conehead says imagine if 20 people all mooched about together. It's not fair on the other people racing who have trained hard and paid their money.

    Lads, Even though I get a 30 min start seriously you'll be up on me by the end of the swim. I'd love to say I'm gonna race this but in all honesty all I want to do is finish. If I don't come last then bonus but I HAVE to finish or I'll look a right tool.

    CH - are their cut off's for this race ?

    I really am shitting it now. I have heard the bike is blood hard work

    Dave - a real shame you can't make it but I think the birth of your son or daughter is a little important mate

    What I am looking forward to is the atmosphere... I am thinking about camping with the WAT and kids for the weekend... we have a huge tent with separate living area's, wet and dry areas, built in wardrobes etc.... if you lot want to come and play then we could have a little team laws gathering.

    I know my family want to come and watch - they will stay in hotels... up to 20 of them and work mates, maybe 15 of them, and some A&E staff from St Georges Hospital in Tooting, so there might be 40 odd people coming to have a laugh. The more the merrier.

    So, I'd love it if you could enter - yea you'll all be piling past me at a rate of nots but what a weekend it will be.
  • willieverfinish wrote:
    you'll all be piling past me at a rate of nots but what a weekend it will be.
    I'll have a check through other comittments, and see if I can shift anything, as it would be godd for you be at the finish when I finally cross it.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I wont be able to be with you in body but I will be be with you in spirit and cheering you on from somerset. I am loud so you might hear me.

    I wish you gods speed and all the luck in the world. I hope ewan enjoys the experience and you finish in a good time.

    Its things like you doing this that keeps my faith in humanity.

    Good luck to the Cone as well/
  • big up team laws - looking forward to the race report
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Just entered the Cowman as my first HIM distance race, what better reason than to see somebody doing a heroic act like Ewan and you are doing!

    You got me worried with your comment about the tough bike ride, I am used to the flatlands ....!!!

    Anybody done this event before with some good advice?
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