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Which HRM for multiple HR zone training in a session?

Hi all,
I'm doing the IronFit programme so that I can complete IM Wales next year to raise money for a powered chair for my daughter (check out website below for more info).
The programme has sessions in it that require working in two separate zones, for a certain time - e.g. 90 min z2, then 10 min z4, then 30 min z2.
Is there an HRM where you can pre-programme this? I've been looking and the only ones I've found seem to be able to set min and max, but not for separate zones for separate times.
Any advice?


  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    Garmin 301, 305 etc all allow you to set HR parameter levels and speed and time and compete against a virtual partner - GPS too, 301 bit of a brick and isn't waterproof but can be picked up on e-bay for a reasonable price only downside doesn't have enough battery time for the amount of time it would take me to do IM
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