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Wetsuit Fitting

Most of the advice on various websites states the importance of 'try before you buy' on wetsuits!

I've recently recieved an e-mail promotion for a 2010 BlueSeventy wetsuit hire at £55 for the full season with the option to buy at the end of the season. Looking at the sizing charts i'm smack bang in the middle of a size and whilst it's important that it fits how important is it to get it properly fitted?

Also the places where I'm able to try before I buy charge a premium compared to on-line - is it important to try it on wet?

I'm looking at doing 2-4 OW swims this year - Is it a piece of kit to buy or does wear and tear make it better to hire?



  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I bought an Orca based on being slap bang in the middle of the size chart last year. Conehead can testify to the crapness of the fit. Far too small, was painful after a while and slowed me down. Not sure how important it is to test the exact model, but I certainly would never hire/buy a wetsuit without having tried one on again. I should probably mention that I read this advice last year, and thought I'm in the middle of the size chart I'll be fine, and disregarded it. One of the worst rookie mistakes of the year.

    Just go to the nearest shop selling B70, try the hire model, then try a Helix on, when you've found the size that fits tell them it's a lot of money and you want to think about it before you buy. Actually, on second thoughts, don't try the helix, you'll love it so much you'll want to buy that instead.
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