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Helvellyn or A Day in the Lakes


So got my first tri (OW Sprint) on the last weekend of May and am really looking forward to it. However, Ive been reading some race reports and fancy doing one of these two (original plan was an OL before the end of the year).

Anyone done either of these? Problem is I dont know if I can get enough training in before end of June (ADIL) but Im on a fortnights hols up to the 22 Aug so I might lose some fitness for Helvellyn (Sept) if I were to do that one. Stuck really! With all the expierience out there what would you guys do? Or would you say stop dreaming and aim for an OL? These two tris look epic.

Thanks Guys


  • Eddie, I'm in the same position really. I've got my first Tri in March (East Leak, pool based sprint) but I figured Helvellyn will be my goal to do towards the end of the year. Work up to it so to speak?
    Worse case scenario...a nice day out! lol!
  • I did Helvellyn last year as my A race for 2009. Previous to this I did 2 Sprints and 1 Olympic....what i'm getting at is Helvellyn is a tri like no other.
    You should try it but be sure to do a few things:-
    a) get a few open water swims under your belt; Ulswater gets really cold in Sept with plenty of run off from the surrounding fells
    b) develop your hill climbing muscles and get your cv levels through the roof!!! climbing Kirkstone Pass and then attacking 'The Struggle' gets your HR up!!!!!!!
    c) Finally......get up the fells, its only 9 miles but it is severe. Flat road running will not help you especially will get you used to the quick turning weather.
    Sorry to sound a bit harsh but it is a tough tri
    After all this the reward for crossing the finish line is pure elation, you've acheived something very very tough.

    Hope this helps somehow
  • Hey Gaz, It's all your fault I'm gonna do it!!
    I've got a fair bit of Mountain experience so the mountain side of things should be OK but Kirkstone Pass.... I think I may try and do the route prior to the race maybe?
    It sounds like my perfect Tri...just gotta get some training in!! lol!
  • I would definately do a rece of the course, just to prepare you fore the incline!!!!! Enjoy
  • Yes mate, think I will do - good excuse to get back to the lakes!
    Don't suppose you know the distance of the climb, or what gradient??
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Mick go to the BCTTT website and look on the race reports.Chappers did it last year and did a nice write up photos and all.
  • Nice one Jon, I'll check it out now! or maybe it'll put me off..??....
  • Have you looked at it???? What do you reckon?? Its a fairly straight forward route, its just the severity of the climbs!!
  • Well....Yeah, I'm not put off by the bike or the run.....yet....but just gotta improve my swimming!
    I think I'd like to go and do the bike route beforehand and maybe the run as well, it'd make a good weekend away!
    I'm 90% sure I'm gonna put my name down and see how I go?
  • Put your name down then there's no turning back !!!
  • firefightergaz wrote:
    Put your name down then there's no turning back !!!
    Hahaha! Now that's MY level of stupidity!!

    (I think I'm going to!)
  • I have
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