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Ironman Camping

Does anyone know if there will be a campsite near the Ironman village this year? I camped last year which was ideal apart form the weather and was hoping to do the same this year but cant find any infomation on the UKIM10 website.


  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    I don't know about camping - I managed to get in a b&b.
    but the Hotels and B&B's have cottened on and are charging much more for accomodation than last year!
  • I don't know if the start is at the same place this year, but last year the camping was a crap ridden cow field. I don't mind a bit of rough camping, but when I've got my girlfriend and three year old staying it was not the best. There were no showers until the 3rd day of camping and the toilets were not surficient for that many people.

    I understand that there was a lot of rain etc, but we're in britain and there should be some sort of provisions for this (matting, proper car parking) but I suppose it was the first one there and I hope they've learnt.

    All I would say is if it's at the same place then I hope they've imporved and if not stay at another campsite.

    Had the time of my life though and will not be my last Ironman what an experience.
  • Personally, camping doesn't agree with me! I would like to get to the start line in peak order! Anyone got any ideas on hotels/B&B's on an budget!! Have tried all places suggested by official website and they are all booked up or too pricey!!!! Any ideas????
  • YHA is an option I've stayed at them before clean, cheap and a good bed. You could also camp the night after as nothing will stop you sleeping after an IM.
  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Have you tried the tavel lodges in the local area - they normally do cheap deals when you book early.....

    I was luck enough to get a b&b 3 miles from the start for £55 per night with breakfast and Dinner included. - they were the last two rooms though!

    There's not much information coming out on the website is there?
  • Thanks for the suggestions!!! Not much info on the website at all!! This is my first shot at IM and most of the information I have about the course and what to expect has come from unofficial websites and forums such as this! Gotta admit, I was kind of expecting problems like this after reading reviews from last years event!!!
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