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Torn Calf Muscle - should I train?

Torn my calf muscle fooling around with the kids in the pool last Thursday. First day I could not walk and have rested the leg as much as possible until today. Had an easy 1.5k swim and now consider getting back on the bike.

As long as I keep my foot parallel to the floor or toes slightly down, it feels ok. Stairs, running (or fast walking) is a no go.

Is bike the right choice or should I opt for more rest? Windsor on 13 June, Cowman on 04 July and I am worried to fall behind my schedule. Currently using beIronfit by Don Fink, yes it is for IM but I am doing the program up to the HIM race in week 22, as the program and book really agree with me .... not that I was any less scared before my injury as this will be my first HIM.

Slowly recovering from my broken elbow and damaged ligaments in the shoulder from my NYE bike crash.


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    I think you know the answer..........

    I think firstly you should get yourself over to a physio and have it checked out. After that (depending on how that goes) I think lay off the running and cycling for a couple of weeks and concentrate on swimming. Sets with a pullbouy would me your leg would be imobile and technically resting.

    You wont lose too much fitness and the schedule you're worried about falling behind pales into insignificance when you consider any permanent damge you could cause by training on an injury.

    June is a looooooong way of in the great scheme of things so dont sweat too much, just concentrate on recovery.

    Good luck..
  • Well where do you start with you??
    I think you should listen to your boby and take it easy but then are you really going to listen?

    The fact you asked the question(and are probably German!!) answers the question for you...

  • Rest, rest, rest, godammit. Ok, forgive the essay but here goes. I tore my calf (3) last year and couldn't walk so sounds like a similar tear to yourself. A very nice man at Bodyrehab lent me a thing for compressing and icing which I used for best part of a week - frustrating times but I read a lot and caught up with some good James Bond. Then I guessed and cobbled together a rehab programme which seemed ok, no loss of running speed etc etc but more luck than judgement. Tore again this year (2 this time), followed same icing thing but getting coaching this year from TTC and I followed religiously a 20 session rehab programme that I only started when I could walk again with no pain (treadmill based, walk & jog protocol). Am I glad that I followed this. Still did loads of swimming - absolutely no kicking off ends tho - and started biking again after about 2 weeks I think. Don't rush this, you won't lose fitness. Plus, stretch, stretch and stretch these muscles. I can send you my rehab prog if you like.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Thank you all for your feedback. Hard to sit still, so have spent more time in the pool.

    Demonclimber, would be great to get your recovery program, thank you!
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