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Personal question for newb

Hello I am new here. I am sorry if "The team" is not the right place for this
but I was hoping some one here on www.220triathlon.com would be able to assist me.
I am middle aged,not in good shape trying to start exercising,and one thing I notice is that my abs needs alot of attention. Anyone know of good exercise for abs?


  • Daniel ADaniel A Posts: 6
    If that's code for saying that you're on the 'podgy' side around the middle, then the best advice would be to get running.

    Running is the best method of burning calories (particularly from central areas) without adding muscle. Rather, it'll tone your leg muscles and glutes.

    Only when you lose the excess around the middle will you really start to benefit from doing ab exercises.
    It is possible for some people to see their abs having lost the excess weight.

    If rather than the sight of abs you simply want to strengthen them, then there are loads of different exercises and programs online.

    Try the 'training' section of this web site or dare I say it, check out the 'training' section of the Mens Health web site.

    All the best for the season ahead!!
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Other than lipo-suction theres no way to spot reduce fat. Fat will remain in the stubborn areas till the very lowest body fat percentages.

    After 30 years of various sports, its taken proper calorie counting, last years OD training and this years intensive HIM training to see my lower ribs. 15 weeks to go, and if I lose another 10lbs I just about remain hopeful.
  • when you get to mcdonalds, keep running!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    You need to answer some question before any exercise can be recommended.

    1. How fit are you now? I dont me body/muscle fit but internally?
    2. How are your joints? Can they take running?
    3. Have you exercised before? How long ago?

    The reason for these are to assess wheather or not you might do yourself some damage if I recommend you dop something. And hey I dont want that on conscience.
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