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Aqua Jog

Hi, i am new here and have what is probably a really simple question - but what is aqua jogging? what are the benefits to this as part of the training programme that was available in January's edition?

Thanks in advance


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    jogging in water, at least waist deep AIUI. The water supports your body and removes the impact on your legs/feet/joints while the effort of actually moving against the water strengthens your muscles.

    anyone here actually done it "seriously" ?

  • Thanks Didds that does make sense - although, i dont think it would go down well in my work pool :roll:
  • When i was doing alot of track running i did alot, i remember it being hard, but also very easy to do it wrong and make it easy for yourself. my coach used to tell me i was kicking back too much, well more than i would if i was running normaly anyway.
  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    Aqua jogging is somehow rehabilitation for injured runners, It can be performed in two ways, feet touching and feet not touching. With the feet touching you will propel yourself across a pool pushing yourself with each stride. The feet not touching approach is done in deep water with a waist float that keeps you buoyant. You run in place. In either approach you can add upper body resistance training too.
  • Pebbles93Pebbles93 Posts: 21
    I do a fair amount of aqua-jogging as I am particularly running injury prone. It does have it's uses though and can be incorporated into a regular training programme. I do one aqua-jogging session a week when training for half marathon distance - usually a 1.5 to 2 hour session. It takes a bit of practice to get right at first - get it wrong and you'll derive little benefit, get it right & you'll feel it in the morning!

    If you are thinking of doing aqua-jogging on a regular basis then I'd definitely recommend getting a waterproof mp3 player. Oh, and be prepared for some peculiar looks & questions from other people in the pool...
  • PetabPetab Posts: 13
    I have also done a lot of this - not just due to injury but also as training for track running (martial arts as well).

    The water provides resistance both in the extension and retraction phase thereby improving your stength eg. you get stronger on your knee lift and also faster and stronger bringing your feet down. Another example is when training for martial arts if you hold on to the side ladder you can kick out with full force but also get the full effects of the water resistance ont he return phase - so basically you can kick faster and stronger and retract faster as well.

    You can do Aqua jogging in two ways - by touching the bottom of the pool ie. you can do your running drills in the pool as normal (some people refer to this as aqua jogging as well) and you can also do this in deep water. To keep your technique in deep water you can buy water running vests and other flotation devices that enable you to use good technique while doing this - you may have more luck on the Australian websites although I have used an inflatable pool ring before - you can't use your arms but your legs still get a workout.

    If you are running in the pool and touching the bottom do not be put off if you 'slip' quite a lot - this happens at the beginning and/or after a break from this type of exercise and you do feel like a bit of an idiot (or was that just me?!) until you find your balance and then it becomes easier.

    Well worth it if you can find a suitable location.
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