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Transition Stuff?


I have my first Tri on 4th April, Mount Bay Harriers in Penzance, and need some help with what stuff I need to take to transition area. Can anyone help?


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Hello mate, I remember I made a post a while back for the week leading up to a Triathlon..........

    Here it is, hope this helps..........

    7 DAYS OUT.........
    Check your bike, make sure gears, brakes, wheels and tyres are all in good condition and functioning well. If your worried take it to an LBS or Evans/Halfords for a service. Always ride after any adjustments.

    Eat sensibly, You wont need as many calories as you should be reducing your training volume so slightly adjust your diet. Make sure you increase you cabohydrate intake to maximise glycogen storage in your muscles.

    3 DAYS OUT....

    Make sure you have a plan of action for when things dont go according to plan. ie. Rain or adverse weather. Also punturing on the bike, take time out in the eve to maybe practice changing your tubes so it wont be a problem if the worse does happen..

    This is always a good time to pack up your kit, pack it methodicaly and maybe (as Ive got OCD) pack it more than once. (ill put a check list at the end...)

    2 DAYS OUT....

    Do nowt........

    24hrs OUT.....

    Have a gentle ride or run or swim, go gentle though. Re-check kit, go and register......

    Make sure you stay hydrated, and if you can have a carb drink (SIS PSP22) you can use this to load updont eat anything "exotic" play safe,cereal, bread, pasta, rice,potatos etc are ALLLL GOOOOOOOOD!!!


    Breaky - 2- 3hrs before (if poss)make sure its something you eat regularly at this time of day (porridge is a good start)

    TRANSITION - place bike on rack, set your gear out in the order you'll need it and put helmet and sunnies (and race belt if you have one) on the bars of your bike. Walk through transition, making sure you can spot your gear, check out T1 and T2 and try look for a static land mark you can reference.

    30 MIN - Wetsuit on, plenty of lube. DONT FORGET YOUR TIMING CHIP!!!..........ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try to be first in the water when your waves called, give yourself time to acclimatise and warm up...



    Wetsuit lube (body glide or baby oil)
    Towel (helps mark your transition area and dry feet off a bit)


    Bike shoes
    Spare tubes and pump or gas cylinder
    Track pump (for final pump up)
    Extra clobber (wet weather gear and warm weather gear, justr in case)


    Running shoes
    Hat (if required)

    Other kit

    Race infomation
    Photo ID
    Timing chip
    Race belt
    Drinks and nutrition
    Dry kit
    Compression kit (for straight after the race)
    Vasaline (sp)

    That just about does it I think......
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    As MG said.

    Assuming it's a pool swim, for the swim you'll be wearing a tri-suit, have your gogles, and they may well provide you with a hat.

    For T1 (Swim to Bike). Bike racked making sure you've left it in an easy gear so it's easy to start pedalling. Towel on floor. Bike shoes on towel (assuming they aren't already clipped in), with some exposed towel at front to allow for feet to be wiped/dried etc, and liberally sprinkled with talc, it's easier to get wet feet in. If socks, then rolled down and again filled with talc. Helmet on top of shoes, with glasses and number belt placed inside. Number belt should be already done up.

    So out of swim, and run into Transition. Step into number belt and pull up around waist. Glasses, helmet on. Now it's OK to touch bike.

    Socks/shoes on. Un rack bike, run to mount line, and make a complete cock of yourself trying to mount the bike.


    For T2 (bike to run)
    . Running shoes, sprinkled with tal, were placed behind bike shoes on towel.

    So rack bike, helmet off, possible glasses off (depends). Drop down, and bike shoes off, running shoes on (elastic laces so no tying necessary), and out of Transition onto the run. Run like a newly born deer that hasn't yet got control over their legs, and enjoy.

    Finish. Well done, you are now a Triathlete. Bask in the glory. Walk around with pride.
  • adupuyadupuy Posts: 13
    Thanks for replys chaps,

    TRIumpant you are a funny fella! made me chuckle, spech the fawn bit, how true.

    Here's to a succsesfull day.
  • adupuyadupuy Posts: 13
    Thanks for helping with Transition stuff.

    Obviously I took too much as this was my first.

    That said, at least I finnished. I am now a TRiathlete. Sprint time of under 2 hours, i'm happy.

    I have the bug and am now looking for more TRIsto compete in. How do I find events? are all events 'official' and have to be registered with BTF or else where?

    I am in cornwall and can't find any for this year.

    Please help!
  • Well done good effort.


    You should be able to find something here.
  • I found these websites quite handy when looking for some extra tris to do



    Hope this helps

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    You can find races on any of the following
    British Triathlon Federation
    220 website
    ukresults race calendar

    no one website has a definitive list so you may have to trawl through them to find a suitable race.
    If you still have no luck then try to search for local tri clubs,again you can use any of the websites above as some local clubs will have knowledge of local events that are not well publicised.

    Trying to feed your tri addiction can get frustrating at times.
  • SilverbackSilverback Posts: 131
    Well done on first tri-my first is still fresh in the memory and gagging to get going this season

    I can't believe the eminent posters on this thread have omitted the one vital thing that you must bring to any tri-your own loo roll cos there's unlikely to be much left by the time you get your turn.

    To be honest after the two events I 've done this year considering bringing my own portaloo...
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    At abu dhabi there was a bunch of portaloo's in T1. they queue for those 4 portaloos was horrendous.
    People didn't notice the much nicer toilets at the other end of T1, quite how you could miss them was beyond me.

    The common theme is that triatheletes all seem to suffer good ole' anal devestation. silverback makes a great point - take your own loo roll cause those portaloos only have a little bog roll in them
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