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First Duathlon Tomorrow and worried about cold feet!

Not cold feet as in opting out but cold feet on the bike. The course is 5K run: 21k bike: 5K run
I have overshoes which are a right pain to get on so I am tempted not to be hassled by these during the transition but at same time worried about feet freezing up on bike then having to run on them.

Any thoughts? thicker socks maybe?!


  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    Consider your feet as your best tri-friends. you have a less time now but in future take care of them, Learn to massage your feet every day, use a tennis ball, your hands, some specific wooden objects to ease their stiffness.

    Try your best to comfort them now. you can use thick socks, I wish you a best of luck.
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Dont worry about it too much, if your feet do get cold by the time you've ran 200m or-so, the blood will be well and truly restored and you'll feel fine.

    Depending on how fast you are on the bike but you'll only be out for 21km so you'll be fine.

    A pair of socks should suffice if it does get a bit chilly, if it feels like its gonna be REAL chilly then just put some gaffer tape over the vents and toes of your cycling shoes and that should prevent any wind chill.

    Good luck....
  • longyplongyp Posts: 13
    gaffer tape - i like that idea

    i'm up eating bran and bananas - will leave at 7am for competition
    worryingly my legs are stiff from yesterday ride / run...hmmm
    this could all end in disaster

    i'll post back on my return..
  • longyplongyp Posts: 13
    well..my first duathlon completed - 5k:22k:5k - 2 hours 14 mins (somewhere very close to the back) and man did i suffer on the final run leg. Legs were next to useless - needed a couple of 1 min breaks to get around....

    I was pleased with my bike leg but all the people I overtook got me later on the run!

    Although a cold day no problems with cold feet - all in all a good experience. Microchipped so have all the splits details - looks like i took a nap in the first transition
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    well done, you finished and there is nothing wrong with being near the back - that's where i tend to be found anyway. Napping in T1, that sounds like a plan, i tend to take a while - i can just never get my wetsuit off (tri not duathlon - although it could explain my poor performance if it was )

    I was going to say that you probably won't suffer cold feet but just take an extra pair of socks to leave in transition but it seems that you were ok (and its a bit late now anyway)...
  • Wasn't Dunmow was it, longyp? If so, I did that, too. That mud was a nightmare – I've just spent the last hour getting it out of my (once white) running shoes and the cleats of my cycling shoes. And the wind on the bike was a killer.

    Still, great fun all the same, and a brilliant taster for a thrilling season ahead. Hope you sign up to lots of other events on the back of this. Well done.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Hmm, well it was meant to be my first race of the season today - the Clumber duathlon, but, for reasons too depressing to write about here, I had my first ever DNS.

    For anybody else in the Newark - Lincoln - Sheffield type area, there are a series of really good friendly duathlons at Stapleford near Newark - see www.lincolntri.co.uk for details. Entry only £2 so bargain-tastic as well.
  • longyplongyp Posts: 13
    Yes it was Dunmow and the very muddy transition area made it more interesting
    I enjoyed the bike road - the running just got to me

    got the results with splits in the mail today - 101st out of 120 - hell yeah!!!
  • Well done for finishing.

    Great result - you can only get faster and stronger.
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