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Swimming injuries :(

Does anybody have experience (good exercises, tips to keep swimming fitness etc) with rotator cuff injuries from swimming?

Shoulder massage on Wednesday, seeing the Dr on Thursday and hope to get a physio referral.


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    hey, Ive had swimmers shoulder for ages now too. Justa quick search got me this, kinda covers basic rotator cuff exercises.


    If I were you Id get a stretchy band and use that. Ive got one on my bedroom door handle and do internal and external rotations with elbow bent at 90 degrees. It does help, but you will need to sort your swimming technique to avoid it coming back as mine keeps doing. If like me, you arent getting enough trunk rotation, you might be pulling across the central line with that arm. Fix that with twisiting from the hips. Other source might be the way you bring your arm over on recovery. Im no expert but those are the 2 areas im working on improving to reduce pain.

    Sore shoulder means more kicking drills for me. Im a terrible kicker in the pool so at least it means I will work on that and keep swimming. Its also really knackering for me so I think it works the lungs in a more swimming-specific manner than say running would.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    Excellent, thanks for this. Where did you get your stroke looked at, was analysis in an endless pool?
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    I used to get coaching and the coach spotted me crossing the central line onhand entry and pulling. A drill to correct was to imagine hand entry towards the far corners of the pool. Exaggerated movement but got your body used to doing wider hand entry But stroke analysis should be available all over the show. Check out recent threads on endless pools and analysis, should really help you Id think.
  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    One must take care of few tips during swimming, start your swimming with slow laps usually 400 meters are enough to warm you up, try to swim three times a week, improve your swimming performance but never lose your swimming technique, always use tumble turn, ask someone to look at you and tape you to keep yourself on right technique, and finally after hard training your body might be tired and sore. Try to do some more laps on a low and relaxed pace, focusing on stretching and regaining the right feeling in the water.
  • The wife got me a session in an endless pool with a level3 tri coach. I was a bit dubious at first, but after 1 hour with him he'd identified quite a few bad habits and bad technique. And then gave me different drills to counter them.
    A big one was not rotating my trunk enough in the water and also, hand entry.
    He filmed me before during and after and burned it on disc for me to take home. All in all worth the money
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