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Some Good Training Tips

Found some good Tips on training for Event...

Swim: Your swim workout will include a warm-up, a drill set, a swim set,
and a cool-down.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re training in a 25-yard pool or a 25m one.
Just follow the schedule, whether you’re doing yards or meters. For
example, if the schedule says, “Warm up 100,” you swim four lengths of
the pool — whether it’s a 25-yard pool or a 25m pool. No math required.
For all training plans, plan on incorporating a number of swims in open
water. These should be close to the distance you will be swimming for
your triathlon so that you can be more familiar with swimming a straight
distance without stopping and also to practice sighting.
For the swim set of the workout, sometimes you’ll swim your set as one
distance without rest, and other times you’ll do a combination of laps with
a rest period between them. For example, a set identified as “[email protected]” is
one set of 100 yards or meters, followed by 10 seconds of rest; “[email protected]
is two sets of 200 yards or meters with a 20-second rest after each 200.

Bike: The bike workouts are based on time, not distance. You’ll want to
pedal at a cadence of 80 rpm to 100 rpm with a heart rate in the Z1 to Z2
If you live in a hilly area, you’ll find that your heart rate goes up as you
do — that’s okay. Spin down the other side, continuing to pedal, and
then get back into the correct gear for your cadence and bring your
heart rate back to Z2. An added bonus: Hill work will help strengthen
your legs

Run: Your run workouts are also based on time, not distance. If you’re
training in the correct heart-rate zone and train for the designated time,
you’ll comfortably get to the correct number of miles using these training
As you improve your fitness, you’ll add speed training, using tempo or
interval runs or fartleks, on your short-distance days to help you run
the distance faster. Always warm up for 10 to 15 minutes before adding
one of these trainings into your run, and cool down for 10 to 15 minutes
when you’re finished.
The most important runs in your triathlon training are your long ones.
Long runs are where you train your cardiovascular system and improve
your endurance. If you miss a long-distance training day, try to schedule
it for another day that week.


  • Really these were the good tips for training. I am a physical teacher in a school and this article/post has helped me to boost the energy to my students.
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