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Knee taping.....techniques? Advice?

I will not let my knees stop me running......so far I have done virtually no running this year and am certainly not fit to complete any race!

I need to find a way to deal with this so I can get on with some training. Knee support or strapping is what I'm thinking. I have some of that elasticated tube stuff that you can pick up from boots or alike and I have an IT Band strap which doesn't work.....it's basically runners knee that I'm suffering with....I need to know where to strap! Please help...


  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140

    see if this is suitable, I looked at the website last year when I was having ITB problems, thought it looked good and stuck it in favourites, but didn't do anything else with it. Think the tape was only available from US. Let us know what you think if you do this.


  • jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    Now then if it's advice on knee trouble you're after....

    So is it ITB or runners knee?
    ITB - pain in outside of knee and/or hip
    runners knee - pain in front of knee below knee cap and when poked. This is patella tendonitis

    I have both - yipeee

    ITB have failed to cure but am ok up to 1/2 marathon so ignoring - have found no way to tape/alleviate

    Patella tendon is also tricky but if you want to tape it is either above the knee on top of patella really tight to tilt it away from tendon (didn't work for me) or 1-2" below - tape didn't work - I use a tendon strap from Aircast.

    Everyone is different but my physio/consultant said RICE and leave alone but I find if i give it a real good poke - loads of pressure and keep massaging it really helps. Also I kept running on mine and damaged it permanent so had to have Operation. Suggest get it checked!

    ps - I am not qualified in knee pain just very experienced!!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I would advise a trip to a physio who does taping & get advice/demo/dos & don'ts. Having tried a knee tape off you tube in the interests of research & finding walking painful & more difficult later that day after a longish bike ride..all in the interests of research of course...I would consult an expert first.
  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    Okay let's try to sort this out, first be confident about symptoms,

    Knee pain located on the outer side of the knee joint.
    Pain may radiate up the thigh or down the outer side of the shin.
    Pain exacerbated by running or cycling activities and settles down with rest.

    If you are sure you have runners knee, then first try Ice Packs & Cold Therapy, if you want to use Band then be sure that you are providing a compressive force above and below the knee cap. Dual Action Knee Strap will help you.

    Try this and let us know if its work or not.
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