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bike issues


Would just like to say hi and am about to do my first 220 in May at Stratford. Have been finding the training great and addictive!!

I have a problem - all my bike experience and training is on my MTB. I was planning on using it in the race but am now thinking of hiring a decent one for both training and the race. Does anybody know of where I might be able to hire one in the West Midlands?

I will probably end up buying one eventually but want to make sure that this is a sport I will continue with before making that investment.

Any ideas??


  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    This post might go against the grain of most Tri forum postings, which normally advocate a spend spend spend policy. If you're still not sure whether Tri is for you, then don;t waste any money on a new bike just yet. Have a go at your first race and see how you love it, you will.

    Stratford was one of my first Tri's last year, and it was great fun. Admittedly, in Transition you will see all the carbon bling, but here will also be a high number fo hybrids, MTB's, commuter, shopping baskets etc etc etc. Your MTB will not be out of place. Admittedly, using an MTB will results in a slightly longer time for the bike leg, but as it's you first Tri, then that's not really an issue, getting to the end of the run and finishing the whole race will be the main goal.

    I'd go with the MTB, unless your sure. However, you can make things much easier by changing knobbly tyres to smooth road tyres. But the main thing is enjoy it, then you'll be able to spend a little while longer researching and deciding what sort of bike best suits you.
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