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BTF membership & racing in France

Hi all, bit of advice needed here please.

I'm going to do Alpe Dhuez tri next year but face a bit of a dilemma.

Entry has just opened and it's way cheaper (not quite half but getting there) if you are a member of your home nation, i.e. have a BTF licence. I haven't got one. . . . yet!

BTF licence not renewable until April next year which means in essence I have to buy one this year to enter and then again next year to race, which seems crazy and clearly I'm going to get little value (if any) from this years BTF membership.

Has anyone else faced this dilemma and what did you do?

Just thought I'd ask the question before I am faced with having to pay BTF membership twice.

I'm guessing Alpe DHuez will have sold out prior to April.

Any advice (other than the blindingly obvious - i.e. pay twice) much appreciated.


  • I have just called the BTF and asked what they intend to do about this (as I am suffering the same dilemma). They have asked me to email my sentiments to [email protected]

    The more of us who email and make our feelings known, the more likely it is that they might actually do something.

    However, I suppose that we are going to be registering for 2011 events well before the BTF license expires in April, so on that score it is worth it.

    If you are a member of a club then it is "only" £40 for BTF membership.

    I am not sure what I am going to do, but every day that passes and we do nothing, it becomes worse and worse value.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    After Alpe DHuez got announced as part of the tour I've jusy gone ahead and booked the tri (joined BTF).

    I figured it may well get popular due to The Tour and didn't want to run the risk of it selling out, especially as the wife has sanctioned it!

    It's also rumoured to be the L'Etape Du Tour route this year, not sure if that'll make it more popular or less but as I said, just didn't want to run the risk.

    I'm in!

    Oh shit!
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