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Long legs and back pain

Hey everyone,

This is a strange one - I have had back pain for a few years now, but only when cycling.
I've had a bike fit - which did make a difference, but not to the pain.

I've been to the physio for an assessment, and he noticed I had a leg longer than the other by 1.5cm. This is causing my hips to drop and spine to S shape and my shoulders to drop..... He popped a block under my heel and raise that leg so my hip was straight.

When I wear the new heel block my running has improved to 7min/mile. so I put an extra insole in my right cycling shoe - and it did make a difference, my back only started hurting after an hour....

So I though I could do better.....

So my question is does anyone know where you can get shims or spacers to distance the cleat and make my leg length seem equal?
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