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1st tri queries

Hi all, got my first tri on 2nd may!!!!

Just wondering anyone got any tips on what training if any should be done the week before?
Also what stuff should I take on the day, and how should i set my stuff out in transition?

All help greatly appreciated


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    Without knowing the sort of training that you have been used to it is difficult to say what to do the week before your race but as a general rule of thumb you should ease back somewhat - especially if the race is important to you in terms of your performance. Light training in the 3 disciplines would be the order of the day so that you do not line up on race day with tired legs. If your race has a 5k run for example then a couple of miles easy on the Thursday or Friday shouldn't do any harm or possibly an easy run with some strides/sprints mixed in just to remind the legs that you will want them to go at a fast pace in a day or two!!

    Resting completely the week before is probably not a good idea but keeping things "ticking over" knowing you have done your harder training in weeks before would be sound.

    As for how you set things out in transition - again it is difficult to say without knowing what you wish to wear for the bike and run. The best advice I can give you is to stay calm in transition - spend plenty of time before the race making sure you know where you have racked your bike - pick out some landmark(s) that can help you locate it as you run from the swim such as trees, banners etc that may be around the transition area - you will be a bit fatigued and that can do funny things to you as you try to locate your stuff in a packed transition which will look different from how it looked when you left your bike there! Take a few minutes as you rack your bike to jog through the route from transition entry to your spot and do this for the routes for T1 and T2.

    Boxes and bags clutter up transition and in some races the referee may insist they are left away from bikes at the edge of transition - if you can, make do with a towel on the floor by your bike with your kit laid out on top - remember helmet fastened on your head before you touch your bike in T1 and bike racked before you undo the helmet in T2.

    Hope this helps and that I am not telling my granny how to suck eggs! Good luck with the race - I am sure you will get hooked on this great sport.
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.............

    Here it is, hope this helps..........

    7 DAYS OUT.........
    Check your bike, make sure gears, brakes, wheels and tyres are all in good condition and functioning well. If your worried take it to an LBS or Evans/Halfords for a service. Always ride after any adjustments.

    Eat sensibly, You wont need as many calories as you should be reducing your training volume so slightly adjust your diet. Make sure you increase you cabohydrate intake to maximise glycogen storage in your muscles.

    3 DAYS OUT....

    Make sure you have a plan of action for when things dont go according to plan. ie. Rain or adverse weather. Also punturing on the bike, take time out in the eve to maybe practice changing your tubes so it wont be a problem if the worse does happen..

    This is always a good time to pack up your kit, pack it methodicaly and maybe (as Ive got OCD) pack it more than once. (ill put a check list at the end...)

    2 DAYS OUT....

    Do nowt........

    24hrs OUT.....

    Have a gentle ride or run or swim, go gentle though. Re-check kit, go and register......

    Make sure you stay hydrated, and if you can have a carb drink (SIS PSP22) you can use this to load updont eat anything "exotic" play safe,cereal, bread, pasta, rice,potatos etc are ALLLL GOOOOOOOOD!!!


    Breaky - 2- 3hrs before (if poss)make sure its something you eat regularly at this time of day (porridge is a good start)

    TRANSITION - place bike on rack, set your gear out in the order you'll need it and put helmet and sunnies (and race belt if you have one) on the bars of your bike. Walk through transition, making sure you can spot your gear, check out T1 and T2 and try look for a static land mark you can reference.

    30 MIN - Wetsuit on, plenty of lube. DONT FORGET YOUR TIMING CHIP!!!..........ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try to be first in the water when your waves called, give yourself time to acclimatise and warm up...


    Wetsuit lube (body glide or baby oil)
    Towel (helps mark your transition area and dry feet off a bit)


    Bike shoes
    Spare tubes and pump or gas cylinder
    Track pump (for final pump up)
    Extra clobber (wet weather gear and warm weather gear, justr in case)

    Running shoes
    Hat (if required)

    Other kit

    Race infomation
    Photo ID
    Timing chip
    Race belt
    Drinks and nutrition
    Dry kit
    Compression kit (for straight after the race)
    Vasaline (sp)

    That just about does it I think......
  • I can see where this is going.... top tips on the day from the Cone Headed one......
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    Hi all, got my first tri on 2nd may!!!!
    or Cardiff?
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    cheers guys all advice taken on board
    all a bit daunting for a first go, thought would have a couple of other friends there doing it but no one is
    I'm actually doing the Horwich tri for my first one, bit mad i know!!! in at the deep end and all that
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