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UK 70.3 & UK Full Ironman

I'm currently training for the London Tri in Aug. I've entered the Blenium & Windsor sprint as a training aid for the London Tri. I completed the London Tri (Olympic) last year, which was my first ever Tri. And my ambition is to complete a full ironman next year!
My question is, i want to also do the 70.3 distance as well. Is it advisable to try and do both next year? And is it possible to actually complete a Full Ironman since iv'e only been in the sport a short time.

And any recommendations on what 70.3 and Ironman event/location to do for the first time?


  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Interesting. London was going to be my first Tri last year, but once I'd entered I was wary of making a complete cock of myself. To overcome this I entered a few smaller ones earlier in the year to get the rookie mistakes done and dusted away from the crowds. After doing four pool sprints, had a go at a couple of OW quathlons and got on OK, so stepped up and had a go at an OD and did OK. London came and went without any issues, and I was feeling good, so plucked up the courage and entered a HIM in late August, The Little Woody. Made it to the end, not a fast time, but made it. Then ran a couple of half marathons to finish the year. So in 2009 I went from having never done a competetive event, other than surfing, to completing 10 Triathlons, four Auqathlons and three half marathons.

    2010 is now the year I'm having a go at going long, so for me it's IM UK in August, backed up by IM UK 70.3 in June as a fall back/training race.

    Is it do'abe, I hope so, but I'll let you know in August.
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