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Anyone else had problems with the Cycleops Turbo Trainer?


Wondered if anyone else has been disappointed with Cycleops turbo trainers?

I recently purchased 2 Cycleops turbo trainers from two different suppliers and they were both very disappointing.

Both of them were very noisy and had a massive vibration on them that made them uncomfortable for training...I was not impressed!

I read the review in Nov 220 magazine that said it sounded like a hovercraft when cycling at speed...Anyone else had similar experiences?


  • OranjOranj Posts: 45
    Which model have you got? I've had a Magento for the past couple of years and can't say it was noticeably louder than any other turbo (in fact, probably the opposite). The only issue I have with mine is that the resistance is quite high and a bit non-linear. It makes 30km/h feel like 35km/h, and I'm lucky if I can hold +40km/h for any length of time.
  • I've got a Mag Trainer, just the basic version. Only turbo I've ever had or used, so can't way whether it's noisier than any others or not. But it isn't quiet. And I hate it. Just keeps gathering dust in the garage. Although last year is was handy for holding my bike upright whilst I cleaned/serviced it.
  • sproutsprout Posts: 9
    I bought the Magneto a couple of weeks ago and I don't find it noisy at all. I had seen videos of people using it on youtube and it did seem fairly noisy in some videos, but they were all filmed indoors whereas mine is in the garage sitting on concrete. Where are you using it? Maybe the noise varies depending on the surface it sits on and the room you are using it?
  • Thanks for the comments, it is the Magneto that I've been using - with manual adjustment....

    This is my second turbo trainer in an attempt to upgrade to a better model but its much noisier than the cheaper one...

    Thanks for reassuring me and its definitely then going back to the web retailer as its the second one I've had and they were both the same.

  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I've got a fluid 2 and love it.

    By far the best turbo trainer I've ever had.
  • I've got a fluid 2 and it's awesome - doesn't even wake the baby up - Bonus!
  • daviandavian Posts: 1
    I have a fluid 2 trainer which I use in garage. No complaints about noise for this model. Would recommend it to anyone.
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