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Hello All,

This post (or similar) has probably cropped up here a few times before, but I'm trying to get some feedback from triathletes who have used any of the various online tri coaches/coaching services.

I've just finished my third (reasonably) serious year of triathlons and am on a bit of a high at the moment having grabbed second in the Barcelona Sprint Triathlon on Sunday (I'm tempted to just retire after that and dine out on it with future grandchildren etc... ), but am looking at next season and trying to work out how to take it up a notch.

From various sources the given wisdom seems to be to look for a coach to "revolutionise my training" and "maximise my performance"...

Searching online rapidly throws up "the tri life" and "Team Dillon" etc, and as a subscriber to 220 (and a couple of other tri mags... booo... hissss!), there have been plenty of articles in its pages detailing coaches etc who can help, but that gives me no real clue on which are good as an online resource, whether people find certain services to be expensive or generic etc. Anything on that would be ideal, if people do have a view?

In an ideal world I would join a tri club, but my local club would be Tri London, and having checked out their site etc, whilst it looks brilliant, I would really struggle to make any of their sessions because my job is not exactly suited to their timings. I also can't find a coaching resource near where I live that would allow me to meet my personal tri Yoda.

So I'm resigned to using email, net and phone to get the benefit a coach, but can't pick one!

All replies gratefeully recieved (except ones concurring that I should just give up now as I've probably peaked...).


PS - I use Swim For Tri for my swim coaching, so this is more training plan design and training optimisation than a need for detailed swim technique analysis. If people in the London area are yet to look them up, they are superb and have been a massive help to an ex-runner who swims like a breeze-block (on a good day).
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