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Yoga in Triathlon?

Just wondering if yoga can aid our training?

did anyone tried or found any study?


  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    I do a series of stretches based on yoga, but I'm not into the whole spiritual stuff. Really helped with ITB problems and did help increase speed. Makes you realise how you're the opposite of flexible.

    checkout http://www.sagerountree.com/yoga/videos.html for videos for yoga for athletes.

  • JakesterJakester Posts: 14
    Hi Shaggy

    I come from New Zealand and as a footballer, I cross trained with a gymnastics coach and a sprint coach. I also had an exercise physiologist who gave me sport specific gym sessions and aerobic sessions as well as a sports dietitian (Jenni Pearce who is now lead sports dietitian at Sport England as well as being lead sports dietitian for British Olympic Team at Beijing!!!). This was before I turned pro in Scotland!!! Any advantage you can gain over your competitors then good for you!!! Remember, the All Blacks had ballet instructors in the 80's when they won the Rugby World Cup in 87.

    Eat Smart
  • JakesterJakester Posts: 14
    Oh, I should also say any LEGAL advantage!!!
  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    I'm not into that hippy mumbo jumbo but has found it helps prevent injuries.
  • Yoga is definately worth a go as a lot of the exercises are based on functional movements. Also it will improve your core strength unbelievably. Which will help whilst running 26 miles after 112 miles on the bike
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    +1 for yoga.
    I have found it very beneficial,for core strength and helping with injury rehab and recovery.If you look at a lot of exercise class today you will find that they are based on yoga,just modified with speed,weights,music.
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