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Racing Tri in Cold Weather

I'm racing on Sunday and it looks like being cold...

What would people race in? I'll probably put arm warmers and gloves on after the swim but I'm also wondering about swimming in tights under my trisuit, and perhaps a lycra top too.

Does anybody have any thoughts? Obviously I don't want to lose time in T1 but I don't want to get too cold to function either!


  • are you out to win?
    probably first tri of the year?
    def. arm warmers & gloves
    would'nt bother with tights,
    but if the cold is that bad, take your time, dry off, get comfortable,
    very early for a tri?
    and you have a whole season to put in good times.
  • Bucko75Bucko75 Posts: 47
    I've got one on Monday and it looks like being a cold one......I also considered tights under my tri suit but thought I'd get laughed at....not so worried about the top half, I'll just put a top on with gloves....
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Frankly the only way I will win is if the field is a bit weak! But being early season, you never know

    I'll probably take plenty of kit along and make the call on the morning of the race. Might give my head and arms a superquick towelling and shove some arm warmers and gloves on.
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