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Advice on wheels


I have the Mavic askiums that came with teh bike - but when I push hard on the pedals the spokes ping - actually makes a nice tune! - but would indicate they're flexing.

So I was looking for some new wheels and saw these:

Kinetic-One K1 Deep Section Wheels: Road Time Trial Triathlon Bike - WHITE - http://www.kinetic-one.co.uk/

They look good and the price is pretty good. (159.99)

Does any one have them or does anyone have wheelsets around £200-£250 mark they could recommend. I'm on the heavy side at 98Kg, but hey I've lost 8Kg in the last 4 months.....


  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    That's pretty damn cheap...

    The Aksium's are usually considered very sturdy (I've heard bomb proof)

    I seriously doubt that these wheels will be better. At 98kg yer a lof heavier than the usual skinny arse triathlete or even worse, roadie!
  • sp1nsp1n Posts: 9
    Speak to Steve at the wheelroom, see what he comes up with hand built wise. Highly recommended.
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