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Let Down Again by Wiggle

I ordered a Tacx Cadence Sensor from Wiggle on 22nd March, having waited over a week for this to come I mailed them to ask when it was being delivered, the reply was it is in a queue and don't know when. I have cancelled by order and got it elsewhere. I think this kind of service is terrible and it is not the first time Wiggle has let me down. I will shop elsewhere in future.


  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    try www.bike24.net

    they're SO fast.....get all my stuff there and almost always next day delivery.
    German efficiency. Cheap too, usually.
  • I'm normally the first one to condem poor service but I have to say every time I've ordered (which has been quite a lot ) from wiggle the service has been fantastic.

    You've been very unlucky to be let down twice.
  • I too have been let down by Wiggle

    Ordered some Nike Compression socks - due in stock in 4 days - 2 weeks later I cancelled the order.

    Then a few weeks later I needed a tub so I ordered the Conti Podium tub.... again, stock levels were very poor, again they failed to get stock when they said they would. I cancelled that order.

    Very poor service.

    Chain reaction got my money.
  • I also have to defend them, they're the best mail order company I've ever dealt with. Usually next day delivery and no hassle returns. Never had a problem, apart from I spend to much monry with them.
  • fixiebobfixiebob Posts: 6
    I have ordered thousands of pounds worth of stuff from wiggle and live in the highlands get stuff next day or day after.
    I can't praise them high enough.
  • sporty160sporty160 Posts: 11
    I am sure they are good at delivering when they actually have the item in, but my point is they never told me they didnt have the item in stock and kept we waiting over a week. I had to contact them in the end to find out what was happening. They said it was in a queue, whatever that means.
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    my wiggle experience been up and down of late....however ordered 3 items yesterday and all arrived already this morning!.....no haribos though...
  • I cant praise them highly enough...always been a great service for me! And of course...Haribos Mmmmm
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