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How much time saved?

Hi all, just a quick question;

I have a reasonably light and stiff road bike (cervelo s1), with flippable seatpost for steeper seat angle and a set of tribars etc.

The wheels on the bike are bulletproof and great for training but very HEAVY! like over 2 kg for wheels without tyres/tubes.

My question is, how much difference is there, in TIME between a set of good alloy 30mm section clincher rims that weigh approx 1550g (no tyres/tubes) - that costs £250 for a pair, and a set of planet-x 50mm section carbon wheels, that are a touch (50g) heavier but more aero but cost another £200 even before I buy tubs, rim tape etc.

Really what i am asking is how much time does a 50mm aero rim save over a more conventional alloy rim, is weight more important or is aero more important, and is it worth spending the xtra £200 on a wheel i will use a handful of times, or spend less on an alloy clincher rim i can use for all my riding and the blitz the rest on swim coaching?

Sorry, just realised that is a bit more than one question!!

All help gratefully received!
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