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Focus Izalco Chrono vs Scott plasma

BmanBman Posts: 442
hey all, Im toying with the idea of the 2010 focus izalco chrono shimano, 2010 soctt plasma 20 (both beautiful) or for a few hundred less, the 2009 Scott plasma 10.

Of course depending on how they fit, but the components seem pretty similar in spec and ive got some better aero wheels to go on whichever one. Anyone got either of the 2 and can give some thoughts? thanks.


  • FirestarterFirestarter Posts: 120
    Be cautious of the Scott Plasma, it has a built in seat tube which (unless you have an XXS frame) wont fit in a bike box without stripping EVERTHING off it. Even then it still may not fit. So if you plan on doing absolutely no races where you have to fly then the Plasma would be a sound bike.

    Something to consider......
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    ah good call, I had wondered about gettinghte fit right and the merits of having to cut the seatpost, but thats also very true, cheers!
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