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plastic race belt clips

I'm starting an after school triathlon club after Easter (for my sins). I have 13 children signed up (all beginners).
I have bought them all elastic laces but would like to get them race belts too. Obviously it would cost me a fortune if I got proper ones, so I thought I would make some. Elastic is cheap enough which I could just sew together & they step into them, or I could get the plastic clips. Does anyone know where I could get some cheap? I dont even know their proper name!
Thanks x


  • mickwoodmickwood Posts: 93
    Yeah, you'll get them from any outdoor/climbing shop! They're only about 25p each
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Or even a haberdashery - again dirt cheap I would think
  • Why don't you e mail some Companies and ask for some help and some free kit.

    Grass roots and all.

    Or maybe some folk on here would donate a belt to you.

    I will - PM me where you want me to send it. ( I'm away for a week so I'll do it when I get back)

    I'm all for helping kids
  • Thankyou very much, thats really kind of you.
    I finally found some on Ebay...I just wasnt putting in the right words before.
    So, 10 bought and black elastic bought...watch this space!
    I have just had my hours cut back at work (in school) so if these work out I may go into business
    I need to fund this triathlon lark somehow
    Very few belts on Ebay and at silly prices too!

    So thanks to you all for your help x
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