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Fall in pace

Hi Guys

I've been sent on secondment by work from Aberdeen to Reading for 6 months. During my first month my 10k pace has dropped dramatically although I'm running the same amount. It think its for the following reasons:

1. Reading is a great flatter so the intensity of my runs might have dropped
2. I'm no longer able to visit the gym so I'm not doing any weights work for my legs

Does anybody have any ideas how I can get my pace back up?



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Dropping weight training should have made you a bit quicker as you should be a bit fresher.

    Time wise you can't compare a flat and a hilly 10k & expect them to be the same pace. Your hillier runs in Aberdeen should increase strength, & if doing hill work, technique as well.

    Have you considered the changes in lifestyle of your temporary move. The stresses of working somewhere new and with a changed homelife can have a surprising effect on your training & recovery from it. Remember that your body has to cope with & recover from the sum of all stresses & not just those caused by training. Shouldn't ake too long before you adapt though

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