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On-the-bike structural fitness...advice needed

Hi all,

quick question on bike form and fitness.
I've had someone do a bike fit for me (albeit with little technology used in the assessment) which I was very happy with, felt comfortable with good power generation etc etc

However, moving from sprint/olympic distance up to HIM and IM, I've found I'm getting lower back problems as I've upped the training distance. I don't generally have pain at the base of my back but it causes issues further up in shoulders and neck. After a massage the other day, i was told that I appear to be favouring one side with my hips and its causing muscle imbalances in the lower back. I've been working on core strength but feel I need an assessment by a professional. So:

Does anyone have any advice given the issues above? Do I revisit the bike fit or go straight to a structural bike fitness expert? Any other advice?

Does anyone know of such a professional in the London/South east area? Does a chiropractor work? Who can measure leg length etc?

Thanks and good luck with races to everyone.


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