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Swim drills

BexHBexH Posts: 226
Hiya, I am on the beg actually; was wondering if anyone has any lists of drills (catch-up, single arm etc with appropriate rest times) and set swimming for Oly distance that they could email/post on here so I can print out, laminate and take to the pool for non-club sessions with a few mates I swim with. We've just been making them up as we go along using things we do in our coached sessions but it would be handy to be able to structure it better. Cheers to anyone who can help out or point me to a decent website I can download them from as had a quick look but they are more 'article' type than short lists that I came up with. Thanks, Bex


  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    A session for me consists of 300m warm up then drill sets of 100m kick, 100m drill. I'd do 5 lots of drill, so 1000m alternating between kick and drill, with 20 seconds rest between each 100.

    I'd then go onto something else depending on what I'm focusing on that week, so maybe a pyramid of 100/200/300/400/300/200/100 trying to achieve each within a certain time, again approx 20 secs rest, or possibly a speed set of 100metres, trying to do each 100 as fast as possible and then start the next 100 every 2 minutes, so if I'm managing to do 1min 30 secs, I'd get 30 secs rest!!

    Having said that, I do mix it up just to keep it interesting so todays sessions was 30 X 100, going on every 2 minutes, trying to keep it at 1 min 40s throughout. A good hours session.

    Obviously adjust times to suit your own ability.

    Being structured around my drills has definately imporved my speed, going from a 27 min 1500m a year ago to sub 24 last time I did it.

    Can't wait for open water season to start.

    I hope thats some help and good luck!
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    My session last night was:

    Warm up
    300m crawl
    200m choice
    200m crawl

    Main set
    8x25m crawl drill, @0:45 (catch-up, one arm (L&R), fists, finger tip, kick)
    8x50m crawl, steady swim, @1:15
    8x100m crawl, fast, @2:15

    8x25m backstroke drill, @0:45
    8x50m backstroke, steady swim, @1:15
    8x100m backstroke, fast, @2:15

    Cool down
    200m choice
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    The following set works for me (20m pool):

    200 mix of crawl & backstroke

    80m each of the following but pause at end for a quick review of that length. Usually use fins except for single arm. Don't vary drills much unless I need to work on a particular component of technique
    1 Shark fin/zipper
    2 Shark fin/zipper 3/2 (every 3rd fin go into a stroke, then every 2nd fin)
    3 Elbow pause
    4 90degree doggy paddle
    5 Full doggy paddle
    6 Doggy paddle with underwater switch
    7 Single arm

    Main set:
    Try & really mix things up between sessions but often use paddles & pullboy here

    Warm down:
    200m mixed strokes

    Hope this helps
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