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Highworth triathlon

Does anyone know when it is this year or if it's even happening?
Website not up to date and I've had no response from organiser.
Hope it is on as enjoyed it last year!


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    last year they didn't fix the date and confirm they were doing it until july i think. hope they do it again, it's a great little event.
  • ahhhh...thanks. I enjoyed it too. Well run & a great atmosphere. i'll keep an eye out in July then!
  • Sept 11th I believe.

    Great event I'm doing it, beware it sold out quite quickly last year.
  • oops Sept 18th
  • GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    Just to let you know Highworth triathlon 2010 is now open for entries
    This years date is 19th September

    entry forms through www.highworthtriathlon.com or email me at [email protected] and I'll mail you the entry form through

    Course etc is 99% same as last year, but if anyone has any suggestions for improvement, then we're all ears as nothing's fixed yet other than the date and the pool booking.


  • Thanks Graeme...just printed off the entry form and looking forward to it already!
  • Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204

    I love the Tri and have done it every year so far. Just the right sort of mix, beginner friendly but challanging enough more more the experienced. Great fun.

    My only comment would be that last few hundred metres of the run wasn't quite as clear as it could've been. I'm guessing it had something to do with the fence that had been put up from the year before ?

    Prob just me I'm easily confused (especially after running up that bloody hill 3 times )

    I'm in.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    weaving in and out of the chav football supporters along that final stretch was interesting for all concerned as well

    didds (who enjoyed the race immensely nonetheless!)
  • OH YES! The HILL....what a killer 3 times!
  • GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    Yeah, I understand the comments about the football pitch and the last few hundred meters.
    Previously, we'd just run down the side of the pitch and there'd been 10 or so feet between the trees and the pitch, so the supporter parents for the game had given us space, but now there's a kids footy rule where the parents have to stand behind some tape a couple of mtrs from the touchline, so it got right in our way.
    As well as all the swim marshalling and race breifing, I jumped in with the last wave and raced too last year, and tbh, the run down the side of the pitch in and out of footy parents was pants, so we've addressed that for this year and we'll be running back into the main feild in the corner you leave it and back across empty grass, so that should solve that problem and also make finishers a bit more visible for those that have come to support them.

    What was everyones thoughts on the Highworth triathlon beer that came in the goody bag, good idea of not ?
    Fwiw, I'm no beer drinker, but it tasted like cr@p to me.. haha
  • It didnt bother me...all the people watching the football.

    The beer? Well I gave mine to a friend. Would rather have something different in the goody bag (t-shirt always goes down well, .... or chocolate......)
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    the beer? I thought it was a pleasnt change from the usual dross that gets given out (if anything). I can't recall how good it was but frankly beer is like sex... when its good its verz verz good, but when its bad... its still pretty good.

    I would appreciate that if the recipient isn't a beer drinker then its a bit like getting something dross like!

    Tee shirts are fine, but the problem is to keep them cheap they have to be cotton, and its just another tee shirt then... and technical tee shirts are expensive (though of course usable!). I'd personally prefer to have a cheaper race than a tee shirt. YMMV of course..

  • Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204
    That finish sounds like a great idea. Good thinking.

    As for the beer, not my, er cup of tea nor I would think many of the female competitiors (braces himself for acusations of sexist, generalisation) but if I'm honest I'm not too bothered about that type of thing. I just really enjoy the race.

    I agree with Didd's T shirts summary.

    Although you wont find many people admitting to liking a medal, you see plenty of people wearing them when they are given out.

    Not a fan of mugs.

    Not easy but i wouldn't get too stressed about it, you have a great event and when it really comes down to it, good marshalling and organisation are the important things.

    I doubt the goody bag is high on many peoples priorities.
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