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Stuck seat post

Hello Everyone, I'm after a bit of advice. My carbon seat post seems to be fused to my alloy frame, and I was wondering if there is any way of seperating them without risk of damage to either.



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    First option is too try gentle heat,use a hair drier it might cause the metal to expand without damaging the paint.

    using putty or blue tack form a funnel around the tube and the fill with boiling water,it could work.

    and you will lose you carbon post,is to remove the seat and using a hacksaw gently saw the post from the inside,cutting two incisions you should be able to get the old post out.
    Before replacing the new tube,smooth the inside of the down tube with glass paper and before replacing a new post put some anti seize solution on to prevent it from re occurring.
  • Thanks, I"ll give it a go in that order and let you know how I get on.

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    patience and trying to twist it could work. i remember the other way around - metal post in acarbon frame. it took plenty of time, some oil, wd40 and gentle turning but it did manage to get the seat post out - eventually!

    caveat. It wasn't me doing it i was just observing someone else - someone who knew what they were doing which i certainly don't
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