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Renting wetsuits...

anyone any experiences/recommendations for renting wetsuits?..haven't committed to buying first one just yet so thought i could rent one for a while..(maybe couple of races, or maybe the season)...
Can you swap them within the rental agreement?...thinking trying different ones out or downsizing after slimming down with all the trng etc.


  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I rented a Speedo suit two summers ago, and they were really helpful. Phoned up and they took their time making sure that the one they sent would fit, and if it didn't they'd pay shipping on the return and get the right one out straight away. It cost 75 for a season I think, with the option to buy at the end. Good experience and a fine suit for the cost since I wasn't sure I was going to do a lot of this triathlon business.
  • I rented one last year from wetsuithire.co.uk for the Blenhiem triathlon. That was £50 for the season hire +£11.99 deliver charge. They are doing the same deal this year so I would recommend them. It was a good quality fit from the size guide thats on their website as well but if you fall between sizes, drop them an email to get their advise.
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