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Can you train without technical type training plans?

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  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Youi can but its harder work than with a plan!

    If you arent going to use a technical plan then get a diary and write down what you did and distances.
    You will at some point need to reflect on what how and how far to improve!

    I am training for IMUK 70.3 for next June and and am only using my own plan. I am also reading Joel Friels Bible!

    Good luck and keep the determination and enthused and you will be OK!

    There will b e lots of differing opinions on the forum as we all have different budgets, agendas and ideas!

  • Thanks Binkybaz I've started doing a schedule to plan out what I'm going to do each day so I am hoping that will keep me on track and make sure that I'm doing enough sessions of everything - although to some degree that will be harder during the winter when I can't get out on the bike or run because the weather is too dodgy. I have the schedule up on the kitchen cupboard, so it would be a good idea to amend it slightly so I can put in the distance done in the time I'm out on the road or in the pool, then I can keep them in a folder and see how I'm getting on.

    *whispers* What's Joel Friels Bible?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Whats Joel Friels bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the triathlon bible. You can get it from Amazon for about £12. Its a good read! full of all you need to know and stuff you didnt even know you needed to know!

    Dont forget that training is not all about getting quicker and quicker. You need to put the miles in. I dont time most of my training rides or runs. I just work on distance! There is so much to say and such a small space to type in! Get a book and you will get so much info that you will tinker with your plan!

    Keep posting questions on the forum and use the advice! We are a diverse bunch on here but the info and ideas are priceless!
  • This is the first I've heard of Joel's Tri bible. I can find his cycling one on Amazon - but no sign of the tri one. Can you help!?!

    <edit> Just found it on Amazon.com...
  • Joe Friel book is called "The triathlete's training bible" put it in google
  • 2009 was my first year doing tri's. Swimming not good, but swam a LOT to improve & had lots of lessons. I never went to any plan, although had help from a good friend who is a L3 tri coach.
    I wrote training down in a book and distances & times (for running & cycling). If I went that particular route again I would aim to beat previous time!
    Worked for me! Frowned upon by my coaching friend though!!
    This year I did a lot of that, till April / May time when I followed a plan designed for me. Lots of new ideas and it was good for me being told what to do. However, I have to say, I felt unfitter doing the tri's this year than last year. (I was told I was over training last year).

    So, everyone is different! Next year I may follow my old plan plus do my own thing too!
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